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Urban Pioneers: Catch ‘em at Whispering Beard Folk Festival

Urban Pioneers: Catch ‘em at Whispering Beard Folk Festival

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The Urban Pioneers fronted my Liz Sloan and Jared McGovern are a freight train of a duo. Add in some upright bass and this train can really get raucous. Jared and Liz’s vocals and harmonies blend delightfully behind a punchy banjo and Liz’s break ya down fiddle. They have a new album out called Vehicle in Transit and it stays true to their old timey roots and Appalachia home.

The Urban Pioneers tour extensively, but they don’t mind coming home either even if the time is short. For getting the music out to folks is most important. The joy of sharing a song with anyone that will listen comes across both within them and during their show. I had the pleasure of seeing them at The Southgate House Revival here in Newport, Kentucky and they are a delight to see. The PBR’s flowed and they all had a great time. Bantering in between songs with themselves and with the crowd, and breaking into another song and just having fun for anyone that was listening and we were all listening.  

They will be gracing the Whispering Beard Folk Festival stage on Friday. There will be no shortage of a good time with these folks. As they are always a joy to listen and stomp your foot to or cut a rug, or whatever you may be into. The last time I saw with them a good friend of mine Joe Macheret from Joe’s Truck Stop, sawed a little fiddle with these guys and gal. Ya never know what will happen at the beard and the only way to know is to find out for yourself. Day passes are for sale at the gate of Whispering Beard Folk Festival.

The Urban Pioneers are a group not to miss no matter where they are roaming from or to. A fun time and their songs are light and just make ya wanna move. Don’t sit still, check these folks out and let them carry you off to wherever your mind may wander.