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Cowboy Mouth Bring Their Raucous Live Show to Taft Theatre

Cowboy Mouth Bring Their Raucous Live Show to Taft Theatre

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With a clatter of percussion and a blast of electric guitar, Cowboy Mouth rips into the band's 10th album, Go!, with the ferocity of a band that's been there, done that... and can't wait to do it all again. Cowboy Mouth just celebrated their 25th anniversary as a band, and their raucous live shows have made them a staple of the national club and festival circuit since the mid 90’s.  

Produced by Don Miggs, Go! is one of the band's most collaborative albums to date, with drummer/singer LeBlanc leaning heavily on his three bandmates -- bassist Casandra Faulconer, guitarist Matt Jones, and co-founding guitarist John Thomas Griffith -- to create something that reaches far beyond the band's trademarked sound. It's a wide-ranging mix of electric blues, rockabilly, punky pop and guitar-oriented rock & roll. Or, as LeBlanc puts it, "Go! is a strong collection of songs played by four really great musicians... or three great musicians and a drummer who happens to sing."

Self-deprecating humor aside, Go! delivers proof that Cowboy Mouth hasn't lost its bite after two and a half decades of rootsy rock & roll and a never ending string of rowdy concerts. LeBlanc has always prided himself on the band's strength as a live act, which he sees as the focal point of his career.

"The shows are very celebratory, life-affirming things," he explains. "I've been told a couple times by fans that a Cowboy Mouth show is like a Southern gospel revival without the religion. I've never looked at Cowboy Mouth as a tool for selling albums; instead, I look at an album as a tool for selling the Cowboy Mouth live experience."

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Cowboy Mouth
w/ KOA
Thursday, July 16th
The Taft Theatre Ballroom
7p Doors / 8p Show