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The mystical sounds of Temples Opens Up the World of Bunbury

The mystical sounds of Temples Opens Up the World of Bunbury

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2014 was a healthy year for European imports in the United States.   One of those acts to make a significant break-thru into our listener’s minds & hearts was Temples (formed in 2012 in Kettering, England).   One of their fellow Heavenly Recording Artists The Wytches is also a true favorite and will hopefully be coming to town soon as well.  Heavenly has been finding some of the world’s best musical talent of late. Temples offer 360 degrees of wide spectrum sound that seems to tingle just about every part of your body.   Their latest album sounds like a classic album from the late sixties with a modern production sound.  Sun Structures was a huge success amongst music critics, and charted at number 7 in the UK.  Many of 2014’s top albums lists included Temples magnificent debut album.

I like to imagine if the Mamas and Papas mixed with Iron Butterfly brought forward to 2015, and then you would see Temples.  Its psychedelic but not in today’s sense, but more in the original sense of the word.   The music is so true to the source (reminding one of so many musical locations that you have been before) that the songs transcend to a level of immediate appreciation for a listener. After hearing an early single online, I immediately went looking for a copy of their album on vinyl.   I was pleasantly surprised on how near perfect the record was.   Every song seemed to be of exceptional quality, and their music can fit in a wide variety of settings (from party to reading a book). Now the time has come for Cincinnati, and our surrounding communities in Kentucky and Indiana, to see Temples LIVE in person.  From checking out their website and watching them on Facebook and Twitter, I can quickly recognize that this has been a special American leg of the tour for the band.  They have played some super cool gigs and I cannot imagine what types of new tunes they will be sharing with us. This will be my first opportunity to experience them live as well.  I cannot wait to see how they bring the songs from the album to life in front of the Bunbury crowd.   

This should be near magical. I am very much looking forward to being on the ground for this.  If I recover I will stumble down to Royal Blood to watch them absolutely destroy “Come on Over” live. Bunbury really did a great job this year in particular of bringing in a more diverse lineup, that greatly appeals to a wide audience of music fans and musicians. Its very exciting to have the opportunity to see these fantastic bands in person. I am looking forward to meeting some of the musicians in person too!   Just imagine how ultra cool it would be to get photographed hanging out with Temples in Cincinnati!  They have just enough glam to catch your attention.  I better put on my best cool and head downtown for the all the excitement with my third eye wide open, as I am sure this band will “mesmerize.” I hope to see you there!

See them LIVE on the Sawyer Point Stage from 4:30 to 5:30 on Friday June 5th!