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Playing To Vapors Release “Whisper” Video

Playing To Vapors Release “Whisper” Video

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Playing To Vapors is an independent band from Columbus, Ohio, with a unique style groove-based alternative rock. They will be playing Bunbury Music Festival on Saturday, June 6th at 2:30 on the Sawyer Point Stage! Check out our interview with the band HERE. [Add the band to your Bunbury Schedule here] is honored to release the stunning video for “Whisper”!

About the Video:
A short animated film set to the music of the indie band Playing to Vapors, “Whisper” is the surreal tale of a naive marionette-come-to-life who faces an oppressive dark dreamscape that transforms him with every choice he makes.

Director’s Statement:
While conceptualizing ideas for “Whisper”, I stumbled upon an episodic poem I wrote awhile back – a little free-verse yarn about a puppet exploring a dark oppressive world. The prose was cryptic and rich, and contained a lucid dream logic that seemed to be a fit for Playing to Vapor’s sound. I knew there was a visual story there, waiting to be unearthed and put to music. And filtering the story through my own homegrown animation, I knew whatever came out the other side would be unique.

About the Director – Ryan Harris:
Ryan Stevens Harris is an award-winning filmmaker and exhibited artist. He grew up in North Carolina and Ohio, never far from the red glow of his mother's dark room, sketching on his drawing board and inventing stories. Later he followed his passion for images and story by pursuing filmmaking, both in London and at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles. From there he founded Fire Trial Films and lensed an award-winning supernatural horror film, "Finale", utilizing various film stocks and an eclectic fleet of cameras to achieve a grungy film-found-in-an-attic aesthetic. Harris' directorial debut, "Virus X", a claustrophobic tech-noir, was released by Lionsgate in 2011. He has since produced numerous films including "Americons", released theatrically in select theaters in 2015.

Like his films, Harris' artworks employ controlled organic energy. Intricate combinations of paint, charcoal and collage create a tactile, layered effect. He has done animation and conceptual artworks for both television and film.

Harris currently lives in Los Angeles, developing film projects, stretching canvases and harboring thoughts about the modern state of affairs.