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The Warsaw Falcons at Woodward Theater

The Warsaw Falcons at Woodward Theater

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Cincinnati's original Roots/Rockabilly band, The Warsaw Falcons are back and are performing at Woodward Theater this Friday April 10 with Jet Lab and The Tigerlilies!

Brian Driscoll of The Tigerlillies says it best when he describes his feelings about The Warsaw Falcons:
“32 years ago I saw a band that inspired and moved me to want to be in a band. I was an 18 year old student at UC studying international relations when I saw the Warsaw Falcons. I loved them so much I went to every show, began booking some of their shows and trying to help further their cause. I decided I myself had to play music and began playing soon thereafter and never stopped.
Friday night at the Woodward Theater I finally get to share the stage with my mentors. I play bass in the Tigerlilies, itself a band now for 25 years.”

Come to see the living lineage of Cincinnati music on one stage, Jetlab at 9p, The Tigerlilies at 10p and The Warsaw Falcons at 11p. Come witness history being made at Woodward Theater.

The Warsaw Falcons
Jet Lab
The Tigerlilies
Woodward Theater
Friday, April 10th