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Love X Stereo Playing MOTR Tonight

Love X Stereo Playing MOTR Tonight

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Love X Stereo was scheduled to play twice MPMF weekend but last minute was able to make it. The reasons were out of their control and Annie promised us they would hit up the Queen City sooner than later to make it up to us. She is a woman of her word as they are set to play MOTR tonight! This band is a bowlful of amazing and you will kick yourself if you miss it.

LOVE X STEREO is an electro rock band based in Seoul, Korea. LOVE X STEREO’s music is authentic electronic music based in alternative and punk rock from the 90s. With its free use of synthesizing and effects, LOVE X STEREO’s music is impossible not to dance to.

In tribute to Love X Stereo, I have dubbed today as Dance Party Monday. Get your week started off right and head on over to MOTR tonight!

Check out the interview with the band from our MPMF previews HERE!

Love X Stereo
Monday November 4th