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Photos emerge from new Southgate House

Photos emerge from new Southgate House
Photo credit: Each Note Secure

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This past winter brought a series of blows to the Cincinnati music community. First, we lost the Mad Hatter & then the beloved Southgate House. The details are complicated, but let's just say that we have yet to really fill a void. I have been describing this year as a renaissance for the Cincinnati music scene to people outside of the market. Since January many things have happened that make me very optimistic about our community. We launched, The Taft Theatre started doing Ballroom shows, The Bunbury Music Festival came and went, Midpoint Music Festival stepped up their talent, and now it looks like we have some promising news from the former owners of The Southgate House. Before everyone gets confused.. Yes, The Thompson House is up & running. From what I can tell they seem to be doing well. However, The heart and soul that built The Southgate House brand over the years are now opening a new venue on the corner of 6th and Monmouth in Newport, KY. Each Note Secure reported on some rumors a few months back & it looks like they were right!

While nothing formal has been released, These photos from Mike Howard have surfaced of a church being transformed in to a music venue. Let's leave it at that until we hear anything further. 

Edit: The photos have been taken down.