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Imagine Dragons: An Interview with Dan Reynolds

Imagine Dragons: An Interview with Dan Reynolds

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Imagine Dragons are a refreshing return to the tried and true traditions of rock and roll. They have learned how to be a band the good old fashioned way by writing great songs and playing them out live to an increasingly larger live audience. Imagine Dragons are made up of frontman Dan Reynolds, guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, drummer Daniel Platzman and they hail from Las Vegas.  

Imagine Dragons are not only playing for us at Bunbury Music Festival this weekend but they are also making their television debut on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday July 16th! I caught up with Dan Reynolds and we chatted about his hometown, inspiration and playing festivals.

Q: How excited are you about Leno?!
A: I am so excited! I grew up watching The Tonight show. My dad is currently scouring the house looking for blank videotapes in order to tape the show. 


Q: Being from Las Vegas, did you find it much different playing clubs in other cities?
A: Only in the way that Las Vegas is home, we are surrounded by our family and friends. Las Vegas is actually beginning to be a hub for live music and art. It is a scene different than any other city.  With all of the Elvis's and such, Vegas is so void of culture that it has in turn became an amazing culture of its own. 


The guys of Imagine Dragons lived together in a band house for about 2 and a half years and just recently moved out.
Q: Tell me about your band house...was is it a hotbed of creativity or a reality show in the making? 
A: The house was a great place to create, no TV, just 5 guys and instruments thrown all over the place. We also had no air conditioning, nothing was really good about the house itself so it served for a musician's dream as nothing to really do but to write. 


Q: What inspires you to create new music?
A: I have been writing since I was 13. Inspiration is found by the people I am around, heartbreak, sorrow, happiness. Our hometown is also a great deal of inspiration, the lights, energy, people all around you and the city never sleeping. I have never had a void of events or experiences to not be inspired.


Q: Who are your favorite bands?
A: It's hard to say as it changes daily, there are so many great artists lately. I feel in order to love a band, a span of about 10 years is needed so my favorites would be The Beatles, Harry Nilsson and Paul Simon.


Q: How do you feel about playing festivals versus clubs?
A: We love playing festivals! Love playing outdoors, the energy of the crowd, the camaraderie of everyone involved. Everyone is just in a good mood and happy. Clubs can be dark and the mood is not nearly as light as a festival.


Imagine Dragons are playing Bunbury Music Festival Saturday at 5:15 on the Bud Light Stage, make sure not to miss it!