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Noah Sugarman After The Blackout City Hall

From After The Blackout

“After The Blackout is just one of those reflective albums, one that you can listen to and know that somewhere out there someone has the same thoughts on the world as you, that someone really gets it.” – AJ Garcia

Key & Chords (Belgium) -
“The band Sugarman sticks his nose more emphatically than ever to the big music scene!” – Philip Verhaege

Belgium In Music-
“first single “Ladders” is a light song with a pop side is not devoid of freshness” - Xavier Rossey

“It’s album number two from Americana music artist Noah Sugarman, whose “After The Blackout” is the follow-up to the 2009 album “Art Of Starting A Fire”.

And if that middle ground where Counting Crows meets The Wallflowers meets Hootie & The Blowfish is your thing, then you’re going to find this a very comfortable ride. You can tell that he’s served time in both country and folk groups as there are hints of both dotted hither and thither in all the songs, but he’s aiming for the centre of the highway with this collection of songs. He’s one of those annoying fellows who can play just about everything, and as he says “for the most part it was me and an engineer bunkered up in a small studio for 5 months.”

He has got some good songs in his arsenal with the likes of ‘Ladders’ and ‘Hero’s and Heroines’ well capable of some crossover college radio play. With his road band at the ready, he’ll be hitting a town somewhere near you soon, but in the meantime, check out the video for ‘Ladders’ doon below.” -STUART A HAMILTON

RootsTime (Belgium)-
“Actually there is no weak song on this album…” - Valsa

Rocktober Magaine-
“Melodic indie rock sprinkled with Americana and a pinch of Beatles-esque power pop. Which is enough flavors that this should be called Sugar-and-spice-Man.” -Roctober Magazine (US)

Via Nocturna (Portugal)-

“…After The Blackout has a sound of rock American well defined” – Pedro Carvalho

Music Street Journal (U.S)-
“This is a solid alternative rock album.”- G. W. Hill

DME Let it Rock (Israel)-
“… Sugarman tackles the blues of “City Hall”, where irresistible slide-sleeked steel guitar swings ever so wildly as it grows from the bare bass strokes to an elegant electric rumble, but this time around his seriousness proves to be the most shaking ground.” - Dmitry M. Epstein.

Folk World (Germany)-
“…intelligent well crafted rock music….Sugarman is well worth a listen.”- David Hintz

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About the Band

Noah Sugarman Noah Sugarman

Noah Sugarman hails from the great state of Kentucky where he studied jazz and classical guitar, as well as bluegrass, which is instilled in musicians from that region at a very young age.

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