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Shoot Out The Lights Shoot Out The Lights You & Me

Shoot Out The Lights is everything the band's name suggests and much more. Armed with loads of enthusiasm and never forgetting to Roll along with the Rock, the influences and efforts of this Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky based quintet are apparent on their newly released, self titled album. The band's songs range from heartfelt love songs to more up-front sexual notions, and get-after-it rock n' roll party songs. With the help of producer Mike Tekulve, the band created nine highly polished jewels and released the LP in March 2011.

“You & Me” is a quintessential summer love song. The rock and roll rasp combined with bluegrass twang will have you dancing around your living room with your love shortly!

You can catch Shoot Out The Lights in person on Tuesday, July 24th at Fountain Square!

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Shoot Out The Lights Shoot Out The Lights

From 2009 - 2014.

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