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Northside Garage Another Night of Indecision Lost Weekend

Did you ever wake up on Monday morning and ask yourself, "How the fuck is it Monday already?"  Of course you have.  The real question is, "How many times?"

This song was actually written by Doug, our lead axeman and only member of the band who doesn't drink alcohol - so it was kind of written from the outside-in.  This song is beautiful in that the whole song structure is kind of like being drunk... one second you're chillaxin' with whole notes, the next you're bouncing up and down all staccato-like.  Then something weird and bridge-y happens, and two guitars start yelling back and forth at each other (all good parties have a fight at some point).  Things eventually work themselves out and the fun resumes like nothing happened.  One by one, people pass out until there's nobody left awake but Steve, our drummer, who refuses to stop.

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Northside Garage Northside Garage

NORTHSIDE GARAGE plays infectious, dance-inducing garage rock, straight from the Queen City.

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