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Koala Fires Fibbo Not Xi - EP Will Causality Kill The Cat? You Decide.

"Fibbo Not Xi" is the Lost Koala Fires EP. 

This EP was recorded the year before the official first Koala Fires line up solidified and was meant to be released as the initial Koala Fires EP. Matt Mooney utilized two friends Adam Wolf and Noah Allen from the then recently broken up band The Long Goodnight as a rhythm section and recorded these songs that he'd been demoing. 

After this project was shelved the new line up of Kendall Bruns, Mike Paolucci, Matt Mooney and Dan Johnson, went on to record the "Sleep Tight Lucky Grills" EP with newer material that would truly launch the Koala Fires as a group. 

Now that Koala Fires is Defunct, Mooney has decided to release this music for anyone left who might like to hear how the band really started.

"Fibbo Not Xi" is available as a free download along with the bands entire back catalog at their bandcamp page

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About the Band

Koala Fires Koala Fires

“the band has a manifest talent for crafting memorable riffs” Tiny Mix Tapes "…the songs they write have a timelessness that should ensure a long shelflife.

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