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Indigo Wild Pacific (Acoustic)

*Link to "Pacific (Acoustic)" release presskit: (password: Pacific)

Since releasing their debut EP If By Sea in 2011, Indigo Wild is updating their young discography with a preview of things to come. Their latest track "Pacific (Acoustic)" was self-recorded in 2013 and mixed/mastered by Max Lewis (of Columbus band Way Yes). The acoustically-driven and uncharacteristically stripped-down track serves as a small stepping stone to what may end up being the band’s true breakthrough: its debut full-length album. Though a full-band version of Pacific is being saved for the LP, this acoustic version displays a growth in sound for the young Columbus group. Full of floating melodies, expansive harmonies, and delicately crisp textures, the song will carry you to a place far from sight, but close to home. Release date: January 23, 2014

Pacific is derived from realizations on a visit to California by lead vocalist/lyricist Garet Camella. Originally written as a poem in a creative writing class, Pacific nods to a moment when its writer was standing on the west-most edge of the United States, on a cliff above the Pacific Ocean.

At its core, the song is about suddenly realizing how small you are, in comparison to the bigger picture; a moment of sublime realization when the world becomes much more beautiful and bigger than you ever knew. In short, Pacific is about finding peace and finally feeling home in a place very far from home.

Lyrics //
Fingers white with excitement / A tight grip around a guard rail / On a cliff over the Pacific
Home / I feel home / Somehow I feel home
Both eyes wet / With my gaze fixed / The sea whips / One slip down / It’d be that quick / One slip
Home / I feel home / Somehow I feel home
I can’t feel my legs / And you know I’m afraid of heights

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Indigo Wild Indigo Wild

Formed during the summer of 2010 in Columbus, Ohio, Indigo Wild has since spread its deeply vibrant hue around its home state and beyond: Columbus, Cincinnati, Athens, Oxford, Cleveland, Northern Kentucky, and even a recent gig at the Mercury Lounge in New York City.

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