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Heavy Hinges is a sublime ruckus... an exquisite mess of rock, soul, and gospel whose roots extend deep into the fertile soil of the Ohio River Valley, continually searching for musical nourishment.  In early 2012, Heavy Hinges came about quite accidentally when one band's final performance became the conception of another.

Drummer, Brian Williamson was in attendance as singer/guitarist Dylan Speeg and bassist Andrew Laudeman took their final bows as members of Buckra, a longstanding fixture in the Cincinnati music scene. After the show, a mutual friend made the suggestion that the three of them start a band new band... Only days later, Speeg observed coworker, Maya Banatwala belting out Isley Brothers songs as the two of them rationed out frosty pints behind the bar of a local watering hole.

The four of them began jamming together and discovered common ground in, of all places, traditional gospel songs. They found that the coarse and rustic nature of the music and the dark, yet hopeful imagery of the lyrics suited them rather well (who cares if they were a Hindu, an Atheist, an Agnostic, and a Buddhist).  Guitar guru, Jeremy Singer was brought into the fold soon after. His proficiency and command added texture, versatility, and melodic lyricism to the Hinges already rich sound.

While unearthing old spiritual numbers proved inspiring and fruitful, it was never their intention to travel down a musical path quite that narrow.  So, they began writing their own material, frequently referring back to the nuggets of wisdom they had collected while delving into the gospel genre. They even summoned shadows from antique recordings of chain gangs and fishing boat crews... all the while remaining true to their existing foundation of r&b, blues, and rock & roll.

In one short year, Heavy Hinges have made their mark on the burgeoning Cincinnati music scene. They were recently nominated for Best New Artist at the 2013 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards and are currently in the studio searching for new ways to capture their raw and spirited sound for their debut album slated for release this summer.

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Heavy Hinges Heavy Hinges

Heavy Hinges is a sublime ruckus.

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