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Yung 'n' Official

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Music has taken a great turn in variety and style. Now music consist of rappers not only rapping but singing, rappers that dance and rappers that have very diverse styles to what hip hop started out as. Yung ‘n’ Official (YNO) is a young, phenomenal music group/family that focuses on making that same type of classic good music by highlighting their uniqueness. With catchy hooks and lyrical verses, YNO music is a good listen. Warning, it will be hard to turn the song when the delivery of their lyrics captures you. YNO rapper F.A.M.E has a rapping style of his own. He can do pop, hip hop, rock, and RnB. He has written lyrics for other artist doing RnB and also for artist doing hip hop. He specializes in lyrics and freestyling. He is a bright rapper with the life of a college kid. The 18 Years old has an apartment with his partner Phonzie Boi. Phonzie Boi is a 19 year old college kid who understands the concept of hard work. Phonz is into dancing and fashion, and it reflects in his music. Just like Fame, he loves writing and doing music with a pop, R&B, acoustic, or techno twist to it. Deriving out of Cincinnati, Phonz and FAME understands the hard, fast, city life. They started rapping together their freshman year of high school when they were just 15, and have been best friends since. Through the duration of their friendship, both have went through some trials and tribulations at a young age. Phonzie’s mother was murdered during his sophomore year and FAME lost one of his eyes when he got shot the following year. Through all the tragedies, they both maintain positive attitudes. It’s been a long journey for the two, but they are going harder than ever. Currently working on their second mixtape called Land of the Lost, they have been focusing on recording nothing but quality music. They are looking to collab with anybody who is on the same journey, rather its local artist or major artist. Their mixtape will feature the whole YNO clique: Royalty, Hooligan, and Petey. You can always find them griding around the city all the time. Rather its writing and having listening parties at their apartment while getting tattoos, performing at local venues, or looking for people to collab and network with, YNO will be continuously working to find the key, which is success.

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