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He describes his life as "The Beautiful Struggle.” Ricky La'maur Johnson ll was born January, 23rd 1988, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Today he goes by and is known as Yo'Conchus. Through his life, he has had a lot of ups and downs: moving to and living in different cities, all the while being raised by his single mother. One could say he got the best of both worlds by being able to experience the hardships of poverty and a single parent home but being blessed to get out of the cycle of poverty. He contributes getting out of poverty to his friends, the motivation to do better for himself, but mainly God’s undeserved grace that opened the doors for him. 
Even though he was raised in the church, he couldn't escape being drawn to the streets and seeing all the negative aspects in life. On more than one occasion he found himself dealing with monetary issues which led him to lose his car and apartment. Had it not been for family and friends, he would have ended up on the streets. With his life almost being taken in so many situations, he stopped taking it for granted. He set out to find his purpose in life, and in a short time, he began producing music. While putting his heart and soul into his melodies, he started realizing that his love and talent for music came naturally thanks to a long line of singers and musicians in his family. Eventually he began composing, writing and recording his own original material and started performing as a secular artist known as Rick-Jay. 
However, God had a different plan for him. On Aug. 1, 2010, Rick vowed to change his ways and stopped playing both sides of the fence. He repented and surrendered his life to God, and now he knows his true calling: to impact lives by preaching the Good News of God’s message: to love God and to love others. He hopes his Christ honoring life style, words and actions will inspire, motivate and encourage people to seek a similar change within themselves. 
With a new meaning and purpose for his music, he now goes by Yo’Conchus (Yielded. One. Called. Out. N. Christ. to Heal. Unite. and Save). His style of music can’t be contained within the boxes of one specific genre. His versatility is unexplainable, and his voice and delivery define him as an artist. When he’s on stage, he is very interactive with the audience and even steps off the stage to show that his performance is not about him, but ultimately about giving God the glory through his talent. He believes God has also called him to be a great leader and apostle in this day in time. 
He is a PROUD FATHER, Recording Artist, Producer, Songwriter, CEO, and a passionate EVANGELIST. Brace yourself for Yo'Conchus!

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