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Winston Krause

I started playing guitar in 1979  at the age of 12. I heard Led Zeppelin 2 and decided it was what I wanted to do with my life. My musical tastes quickly broadened. I went to princeton an integrated High School and was exposed to Funk and early hip hop and rap. At the same time I also fell in love with the Sex Pistols David Bowie British and American Punk.  About the time I graduated from High School WOXY 97X BAM the future of you know started and I listeneed to it for the entire life of the station right on thru the internet years. the beauty of the station was that it opened my ears to so many styles of music that by the time of it's demise I had broadened into Jazz and really heavily into Funk. I loved all the local connections Funk had between Bootsy and James Brown recording in Cincinnati and the all the fantastic Funk bads from Dayton. My early influences were Jimmy Page Jeff Beck Hendrix  Brain May and especillay Mick Ronson. As I grew older I broadened out. I'm a huge fan of Nile Rogers and Wes Montgomery now. I've played in bands off and on over the years. The most serious was 2009 when I was in a band called Pilgrim. We were shjort lived but had enough talent to have some minor success and play gigs at Northside tavern and open for the Butchers and the Builders to name a few. My current job however has me on the road worldwide, about half the year. I'm usually home on weekends however and I refuse to give up playing. I got a studio at Essex so I could annoy artist and keep my marriage from ending from all the racket. About the time Pilgrim ended a highschool friend turned me onto Propellerheads Reason. I'm not home enough to commit to a band. I've started using Reason to write backing tracks and have been playing the guitar over top it. I've always wanted to focus on writing original material. While a lot of my songs have words that I've composed I am no singer so I've been doing instrumental work. Two years back to expand my capabilites with Reason and further my music theory knowledge I began taking piano lessons. I'm sitll not much of a pianist but my skills have gotten to the point where I'm live performing alot of the work I do on Reason. I have played some regular gigs at the Brew House Walnut Hills and at the Tap House Grill in Kenwood. I've also taken advantage of Cincinnati's liberal street performance laws and have started busking when the weather permits it.

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