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We are the revolution.

We are a movement.

We are Waveshapes. 

Who are you? Behind the mask you show the world, who are you?


High octane electronic pop and hip hop. We serve the King.

Our sound is a shameless mashup of urban pop energy and sweeping cinematic electronics.

Our stage show is intense and story driven.

Our message reveals hope and love in the midst of conflict.

We have been playing shows since 2012, and producing music for around eight years. What started as a bedroom laptop music studio operation has become an in-depth live music experience with backflips, electric violin solos, and insane bass-drops. Our debut record dropped back in 2012, and our second record is nearing completion. We've shared the stage with Liberty Deep Down and Alabama Capital, traveled cross country to play with Seventh Day Slumber, and headlined many local shows. 

We serve the King. Let's start a Revolution. 

Our members are as follows: 


Adam Roesner: Lead Male Vocals/Producer

Jonah Price: Rapper

Polly Day: Electric Violin

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