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Vaughn & Company

Fronted by founder and namesake, Ronnie Vaughn, Vaughn and Company has become a staple on the Cincinnati original music scene and has been creating its own brand of rock-n-roll for over 8 years now. Vaughn is an energetic, musical dynamo and the very definition of a "front man." His vocal styling is on par with any of the great American singer-songwriters and he is at home singing anything from folk to hard, classic rock.

Although the band is rooted in rock 'n roll, you will hear the additional flavors of funk, pop, blues, reggae, Latin, bluegrass and jazz. Often times you'll hear several of these different styles seamlessly integrated within one composition.

Throughout its time, Vaughn & Co. has been home to some of the city's best musicians. The current lineup of Ronnie Vaughn, Brandon Glanton, Lee Mahaney, Robert Campbell, Bill Knueven and Al Lefler is no exception. Together, these guys have played in virtually every venue in Cincinnati and with many of the region's top acts.

Vaughn and Co. shows are definitely one of a kind, full of energy and excitement held aloft by an undercurrent of musical creativity. Although you may hear one or two popular tunes remade in the Vaughn & Co image, this is not a cover band! By attending a Vaughn & Co show you will experience one of the few full nights of original music to be found in Cincinnati. Vaughn & Company has 1 EP and 3 full length discs from which to choose the night's offering. You may even witness "spontaneous tunebustion" as they fearlessly start with a riff and create a tune before your very eyes! Come on out; it's big fun!

2011 saw the band voted as the "Best Original Band" in Cincyvibe; The 2011 release, "Still Worth It" was voted in Citybeat's top 50 releases of the year and Ronnie Vaughn also added "Best Solo Artist" to the mix as well in Cincyvibe Magazine!! We can't wait to see what 2012 brings!

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