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Vaudeville Freud

Vaudeville Freud is an Experimental/Funk/Rock band from Cincinnati OH, their sound is reminiscent of what you might hear if Portugal. the Man combined their knack for vocal overdubbing with Pink Floyds lunacy, and the pop sensability of Radiohead.

Formed in February of 2010, Vaudeville Freud is a continuation of The Paul O’Moore Solo Singer-Songwriter project. Vaudeville Freud gives the audience a show they will not soon forget by incorporating skits of Dance, Comedy, and Magic into their stage performance, So far, Vaudeville Freud has played with such acts as Foxy Shazam, The Terrors, Electric Six, The No No Nauts, The Skeetones, Fidel Catastrophe, SHADOWRAPTR, Chick Pimp Coke Dealer at a Bar, Where They Landed, Free Sophia, and many more.

"Vaudeville Freud's wild stage antics and incredibly powerful voice kept me going all night, These guys are incredible!" -Matthew Ray (Bearcast News)

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