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The Unamused Kraken

Cherylyn Geers, better known as The Unamused Kraken, is often told that she was born 40 years too late. One look at the instantly recognizable singer-songwriter will take you back to the heyday of hippies, and her lyrics continue the temporal suspension. Her upcoming second album features original songs about trains, the woods, and the moon and stars, in addition to odes to wind and rain. "Songs for Roaming Vagabonds" will be independently released upon its completion later this year.

Her first album, "Starlight & Cicadas", is available on Bandcamp, both digitally and on CDs with hand-crafted packaging. Since its release, The Unamused Kraken has performed as an opening act for several touring artists, which inspired her to set up her own short tour: so in the fall of 2014, she traveled to Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis to busk and play shows and open mics. Last year, she spent six weeks on the road, with a route that included fourteen cities; among them were New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Nashville, along with her increasingly frequent stops of Indianapolis and Chicago.

Back at home, The Unamused Kraken has taken her solo act to local and regional venues including Taffy's of Eaton and the Southgate House Revival, filled in as host of a local open mic at Trailside Cafe, and performed in the Day & Night Music Festival in Cleveland. She also spent a year and a half appearing five to six nights per week at open mics throughout the area: Wunderbar, Crow's Nest, Sam Ash, HD Beans and Brews, and Taffy’s. The local musicians at these events constantly influence her technique and lyrics, and build on her original patchwork of inspirations ranging from alternative and classic rock to folk singer-songwriters of the 60s and 70s. The Unamused Kraken’s original music draws comparisons to artists like Joni Mitchell and James Taylor, and lyrics are often the first part of her compositional process. This literary approach is evident in the name she chose, which originates from a sentence in the novel "Good Omens" by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman: "The kraken is not amused." The moniker arose shortly after she began writing full songs, though her lifelong love of words led to composing occasional fragments of songs before dedicating herself to the art in 2008.

A year and a half later, she started teaching herself guitar in order to accompany her lyrics as she sang. Now, after six years with the instrument, her latest inspiration comes from fingerstyle guitarists like Andy McKee and Jon Gomm. She also started experimenting with banjo a year and a half ago, and has now been playing harmonica for the better part of a year. After spending the majority her life thus far dreaming of becoming a musician, The Unamused Kraken is now diving headfirst into that reality.


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