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The Sleepin' Dogs

The Sleepin' Dogs have a sound that can only be described as if you were explaining where the band is from. All four of the members grew up in a small area in Kentucky where life is lived at a slower pace and the simple things in life meant the most. Country music was played through their parent's radios as they grew up and it stuck in their souls like the values and traditions that they were taught, at an early age. Just 30 minutes north, you run into the mighty Ohio River thats populated by barges carrying coal at a similar pace that seems to move so slow, yet accomplishes something so great. But just north of that, you have Cincinnati and this is where life is lived at a much faster pace, where everyone is in a hurry and taking time to stop and smell the flowers might make you miss your cab or bus. Although Country music was embedded in the hearts of the band, Rock and Roll had its place in them as well. REAL Rock and Roll. Cincinnati resembles that rock influence that you will hear when you take in the Sleepin' Dogs. When you listen to them, you might not know exactly where they came from, but what I can guarantee you is that you will feel like you grew up with them, listening to the same songs and experiencing the same things in life. The Sleepin' Dogs sound comes from where Kentucky meets Ohio, where Country meets Rock and Roll, and where Brown meets Black.

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