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The Starch Heads

The Starchheads, two beings from behind time, born in a strange pocket dimension of humans with bread instead of flesh shortly before it was destroyed due to the immense explosion created by their birth. 

They travelled through the ether until they found a universe containing a strange planet called earth, where people ate the flesh of their now extinct people for breakfast (literally). They observed these people and found that the strongest weapon to use against them was not lasers or massive explosions or anal probes, but music. They created an imitation of what these people called garage rock and are now attempting to use it to enslave and control the human race. 

The two brothers, Billy Ultrastarch (space guitar, space vocals) and Willy Starchsupreme (space drums) are here to mesmerize and enslave you with stripped down, barebones garage rock and simplistic dirty blues and a vast array of starch based puns. 

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