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The Standstill

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Heart pounding drums, adrenaline laced leads, and a underlying melodic rhythm are a few words to describe the sound of The Stand Still. Straight out of Cincinnati Christian University, these guys know how to bring it their all to their music and performance. All have a unique story of how they ended up at CCU, but they all agree it wasn’t a coincidence. It was truly a God thing. 
One word to describe The Stand Still is: Passion. Not only do the guys share the same passion for music but they share something more important. A Passion For God. With this mindset the guys hope to change lives through their music. Each one of them has had many struggles ranging from: drug addiction, self-mutilation, self-rejection, depression, suicide, and divorce; but believe God has brought them through those hard times for a purpose. His Purpose. To change lives. 
All in All The Stand Still is a band to keep your eye on. With an Ep being released sometime this year, you better be ready to have your mind blown!

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