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The Scrubs

From 1998 to 2004, The Scrubs were one of Cincinnati's premier punk bands and live acts. This trio played a unique mix of pop, punk, and rock, and were well known around the Midwest for their DIY ethic, entertaining live shows, and occasional (or not-so-occasional) 80s covers. They shared the stage with such bands as Alkaline Trio, Against Me!, Midtown, Ultimate Fakebook, Piebald and more. Albums were released on guitarist Jamie Mandel's own label Nice Guy Records. The band reunited in 2012, and now play shows occasionally.

The Scrubs have 2 albums available. The "Return To The Basement" EP was released in 2004, and "The Scrubs Complete Discography 1999-2003" was released in 2007. Both are available on iTunes.

Music by The Scrubs has appeared in movie trailers for The Rocker, Jackass 3D, Charlie Bartlett, Little Manhattan, and Bachelor Party 2.

"The Scrubs pack a single song with more pop hooks than most bands can fit on an entire album. Pick slides, machine-gun drums, yowling vocals, and a hyperactive ear for melody keep these mad lads bouncing around your cranium all night long. Revel in the ecstatic sound of their angst." (


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