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The Refranes

What was to become The Refranes actually played their first gig on March 12, 2010 as The Janes Gang at HD Beans in Silverton, Ohio. After discovering a few months earlier that his daughter, Caitlin could sing and sing well, Dave Janes was determined to get her on stage in a band.
   So he enlisted a couple former Leadfoot Johnny bandmates, drummer Randy Brock and guitarist Greg Thomas and put together an acoustic outfit to back up Caitlin. Cait decided she didn’t like the name The Janes Gang after the first gig so she and her dad did some brainstorming and came up with Cait Janes & The Refranes.
   After a couple years of playing acoustic gigs, Dave and Cait started thinking about going electric and adding a particular keyboardist and playing more dance-oriented music. They decided they wanted a bigger sound for the band so Dave started looking around for a new drummer and guitarist. As it turned out, he didn’t have to look far for a drummer or a keyboardist.
Dave had been playing classic hard rock in the reunited Hogwild for a couple years and having a blast so he asked Hogwild keyboardist Barry Elliott and Hogwild drummer Dave McCartt if they’d be interested in joining a pop rock band.
They both were into it so now all Dave had to find was a guitarist. On craigslist, he found Brian Cunningham who was not only a competent player but a DJ as well.
    They rehearsed for a few months until Brian and Dave had the idea of adding another female frontwoman in the lovely and talented Jessica Monds. Her arrival necessitated a slight name change for the group. Thankfully, the girls hit it off right away and their voices blended beautifully.
   Hoping that finally all the pieces were in place, The Refranes played thier first gig as a revamped pop rock outfit at Jerzee’s in Newport. Their first gig was such a smashing success, the bar manager gave them a raise and many more dates.
Unfortunately, Brian decided he had to leave the Refranes due to his many, many other commitments such as being a wedding DJ and playing in 3 other bands.
   So the search for another guitarist began. After trying out a few players, The Refranes luckily came upon one Andy McKeown, son of The Gamut-founding McKeowns. Andy has shown himself to be a perfect fit for the Refranes, who continue to rock on. Be sure to get out to one or more of their shows and dance the night away.

If you are interested in booking The Refranes for your venue or event, please contact Dave Janes by phone at 513-290-7503 or by email at Don't be shy, now!

Here's a short promo video about The Refranes

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