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Purity Ring

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Canadian duo Purity Ring’s ever-unfolding EDM/Indie Pop is the aural equivalent of a stream, trickling delicately to and from before pushed down the river by a tidal wave and crashing over an edge into a torrential waterfall. For every coy enunciation by vocalist Megan James (whose lyrics hover in a strange, surrealistic, David Lynchian universe), there’s a deadening depth provided by her lyrics and underscored by musical partner Corin Roddick’s impeccably delivered beats and diverse samples. Purity Ring consistently unearths new and fresh pockets of its own sonic soundscape on its latest release, another eternity, the twosome’s second album for the esteemed 4AD label. Simultaneously digging deeper into creative, atmospheric Trip Hop and the duo’s more grounded, formalized Pop influence, it’s worth every minute to plumb Purity Ring’s depths and ride its highs.

YOU’LL DIG IT IF YOU DIG: Grimes, Phantogram, Baths, Ellie Goulding. (LS)

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