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The Preston W. Trucker Solo Roadshow

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Defy your critics, and prove the world that your voice can soar higher than society's limits.

From the sleepy town of Lawrenceburg, there is a lot of commotion. The birds are chirping, the local schools are in session, the businesses are opening up, and people frantically speed to work, coffee in their car's cup holders. And Preston Tucker sits in his room, and wishes that somebody, ANYBODY, would feel the way he feels.

The world is broken, and there seems to be no sign of hope in sight. That is what everyone wants you to think. Although, to the sexually trafficked girl, to the homeless man, woman, child, and/or family, to the alcoholic, drug abuser, sexually abused, and to you reading this, there is hope, and you will find it.

Preston Tucker (ex One38 and Allies Aside), is on a mission. The mission: to change the world by any means necessary. The music: soft, meaningful acoustic indie rock, with a message.

With lyrical themes such as God, poverty, love, family, and friendship, Preston Tucker, of the sleepy town of Lawrenceburg, is ready to change the world.

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