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The Mad Conductor

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The real problem hip-hop music is facing today is not the unoriginal, lackluster emcees you hear dominating the radio stations, as much as it is the simple-minded consumers whose ideals have become so mundane that the uninspired, commercial rap music they support is the perfect soundtrack to their equally uninspired lives. This is becoming a serious problem.

I'll borrow a concept from the Nation of Gods and Earths to help explain what I mean: 85% of the population is ignorant and willing to accept whatever they are told, 10% of the population is aware of the naivete of the 85% and are willing to exploit that for their own gains, while 5% of the population strive to cultivate and enrich their minds, and also make great efforts to help educate the feeble 85% while abating the evil 10%.

In the scenario of which I speak the 85% is the youth who do not know any better than to embrace what ever ideals pop-culture - in this case hip-hop - is presenting to them, no matter how blatantly offensive or degrading to the human mind those ideals may be. 

The 10% are the rappers, singers and record companies who are aware of the insecurities of the 85% and are ready to use this knowledge to reduce them to the lowest possible level of humanity, which is a callow, materialistic, and unimaginative person who cares not to embark on any self-improving venture that yields not immediate results, but instead walk blindly down the easiest path available while cut off from reality, suffocating their true potential. 

The 5% are the underground emcees and producers who strive to preserve the true art of hip-hop and also to make positive and creative advancements, both lyrically and musically, for the individual and for the genre as a whole. Although, more cunning and far more intelligent than the evil 10%, the 5% would rather use their talents to reach those who seek knowledge than to succumb to the temptation of luxuries that the exploitation of the 85% would provide them. 

The dilemma is that as the youth of today is being brainwashed by television, radio and internet, the vital arts which are necessary to the development of well-rounded adults are slowly dying out. Soulful, innovative music, literature and art are key ingredients to learning compassion and appreciation of life and with out these valuable tools we will be left with a society devoid of mindfulness, only interested in simple pleasures that will ultimately destroy the brain, putting an end to our evolution toward becoming superior-beings. 

Real hip-hop will never die, because music is immortal, but it is my job to protect it's sanctity and preserve it's relevance. It is my sole purpose to eliminate the 10% and uplift the 85%. I am...


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