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The Last Troubadour

2011 Bogarts Sound of Cincinnati Winner

The Last Troubadour was started by brothers Frankie (lead vocals/rhythm guitar/Sax) and Bernie (Drums/horns) Hill. Though the band has only been around for a few years it has accomplished many great things like winning the Cincinnati round of the Emergenza Battle of the Band and earning the title “Best Unsigned Band in Cincinnati.”

But it wasn’t until members Joe Wahlde (lead guitar) and James Wallace (bass) joined that The Last Troubadour truly found its sound. The sound of TLT is sometimes hard to classify, but has something for everyone. With epic guitar solos, melodic piano lines, catchy sing along hooks and complex bass and drum parts, they have made something truly unique. All of the songs focus around story created by Frankie Hill with lyrics addressing many things such as love, rebellion, government censoring, and betrayal all within the realm of the concept. 

In a scene filled with hardcore and cover bands The Last Troubadour has something to prove, and with their debut full length album now available the band is ready for the next level. Every revolution needs a soundtrack.

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