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The Kentucky Struts

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nabashedly Kentuckian, the musical approach of The Kentucky Struts is not unlike the flavor you get from the state itself; rolling hills, bends of the roads and the blue-collar bloodlines exhaled into the center of your head.

Hailing from the small town 
of Cold Spring, Kentucky, the boys have been friends since early grade school. Sharing guitar lessons, talent shows and high school stages, unknowingly laying the foundation for what has arguably become one of the best americana acts in Cincinnati area, and possibly the region. They’ve shared the stage with respectable acts such as Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers, Los Lobos, John Hiatt and the Heartless Bastards.

This year, the boys are releasing 
a set of tracks on their new 
up-and-coming album, “The Year of the Horse” that are sure keep you honest. Though Kentucky boys at heart, they pull from a wide array of americana-rock music revereing good songwriting as the number one discipline. The new songs lead you down roads of sex, love, death and hope with careful lyricism and arrangement. John Curley (Afghan Whigs) 
and Mike Landis (EO Records) have them sounding mint and represent the Cincinnati area’s growing reputation for great new rock n’ roll.

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