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The Great Mistakes

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The Great Mistakes

The Great Mistakes came together as a band almost by accident. Spencer Peppet was playing three of her songs at The Beat, her school's opportunity for high schoolers to perform their own music. She wanted a bigger sound than just her and her ukulele, so she called on Nathan Katkin and Grace Weir. They realized that playing together was actually really fun, and they fell together as a band after that. 

The most obvious musical influence on The Great Mistakes is the Velvet Underground. The drone of the cello and the minimalism of the sound are the most clear parallels, and they have been known to throw in some fuzz and noise in some songs. Spencer is no Lou Reed, but she does her own thing and is influenced a lot by artists like Cat Power and Joanna Newsom. 

The Great Mistakes may be a three-person band, but the ratio of instruments to people onstage is more than proportional. Ukulele, guitar, banjo, bass, cajon, piano, and cello are all used onstage and in recording. 

Their two-song single "I Don't Blame You," is available for download on their bandcamp, 

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