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The Factors

A Punk/Garage Rock band from Springboro, Ohio, The Factors have traveled space and time, crawled their way through alternate universes and inadvertently discovered new dimensions in search of the perfect rock and roll sound. They haven't found it yet. Probably never will. But what they did find is a computer and an entity native to the 7,882,654th dimension called CincyMusic. So while you're waiting you might as well check out what else they have discovered so far. If you want a real biography and acsess to songs videos and other stuff thats crawled out of our brains and onto a screen near you check us out on Facebook, Youtube, Reverbnation and Bandcamp. The latter is yet to be burdened with the produce of our new EP, "RUN! It's The Factors!!" (stupid name I know) but we're working on that. If youre a venue, forget all of this we are respectable gentlemen and would be honoured to be on our best behaviour if you let us play. 

The Factors are:
Jake Brown (rhythm and blues guitar, vocals)
Frankie Qualls (lead guitar, not vocals)
Jared Puckett (bass, vocals)
Liam Scott (drums and drum-like objects including but not limited to various types of animals and vegetation)







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