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The Extraordinary Contraptions

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A lawman, a time-traveler, a gentleman explorer, and a mad genius join forces to unite the twin forces of scientific romance and rock in an explosive concoction of aural delights. Take a dimension-spanning musical journey with Atlanta's own analog steampunk band, The Extraordinary Contraptions. Ranging from silly love songs through dark, seething explorations of power to their characters' own epically orchestrated tales of victorian-influenced sci-fi, this quartet of aural anachronisms will roll up their shirtsleeves, bustle their petticoats and crank the temporal bi-resonator to eleven to put on the best show in this time stream or any other. 

No electricity? No worries, darlings. The Contraptions are equally renowned for their unplugged performances. Their acoustic instruments are rumored to go to twelve! The rock-and-roll aesthetic meets the steampunk DIY ethic to produce a unique sound and visual sensation that combines influences from the breadth of space/time. 

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