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The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers

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It’s not particularly easy to wedge a religious message into a secular artform, and music is among the trickier wires to walk in that regard. The music is tempered to appease one audience and the message is softened to attract another fan base, and all that compromise kills the mood. The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers don’t know compromise; their beliefs are front and center on their two EPs and just-released full-length, Heavenly Fire. The group presents itself within a musical context that bristles with the visceral energy of Indie Rock, Soul, Blues, Folk and Bluegrass, with a Gospel hosanna to bring it home. Hozier might take you to church, but The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers will build you one out of every stage they appear on.

You'll Dig It If You Dig: Mumford and Fathers, Sons and Holy Ghosts. (BB)

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