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The Downtown County Band

The Downtown County Band is often categorized as Americana or Alt-Country.                                                  While that may work as far as generalizations go... This strangely familiar sound is actually more akin to rock and blues played through a traditional bluegrass instrument arrangement (with drums)... a genre category that is becoming more and more popular, but has yet to be tagged accurately.
          It starts with 5 players. Each by their own right excellent
singer-songwriters - with influences ranging from 1920s Delta Blues, to
60's Rock N Roll, to punk rock and bluegrass... all the way to the
likes of Bob Marley and Jack Johnson... A band of wide influences able to play
together, sing together, and blend styles into one new and original
sound. The banjo, mandolin, guitar, and upright bass are surprisingly full and
dynamic, with as much sonic variety as there are members of the band.

There's really only one way to find out the type of music we play... with an open ear, you'll have to hear for yourself.


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