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The Carolines

The Carolines are a banjo based sister duo with members Andrea Bustin and Amy Plante. You may get both an Eastern European and Appalachian feel in hearing our music. We are Kentucky girls that moved to Cincinnati early on and call Greenhills in Cincinnati, home. At ages 10 and 11 our parents moved our family to the snowy Belarussian city of Minsk, where we spent most of our formative years, but coming back and forth from Cincinnati for furloughs. In Minsk, Andrea Bustin studied classical guitar, where she continued her studies at UC Conservatory and was a classical guitar major. Andrea is a bluegrass fan, and few years back she picked up a banjo, now she can hardly put it down.  Amy loves writing and interesting vocals; writing for The Carolines comes as a collaboration.  The writing has been coming together very naturally, often putting new poems to early 20th century banjo tunes.  We have been performing together since we were tiny girls, so it is amazing to reunite. Our name, The Carolines, is taken from one of our family's favorite movies, Enchanted April, where Caroline Dester and and friend are referred to as "The Carolines."

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