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Taylor Carano

Taylor Carano has been playing music, guitar especially, since his younger days. He began with pots and pans and a guitar with plastic strings at age 5. He eventually graduated to the electric guitar when he was 10, and hasn't looked back since. He has been playing in bands since he was 13, most of which he started with childhood friends. He began singing and songwriting in late 2010 and jumped into the music scene with his band, "Speak of The Devil", a two-piece blues rock outfit that eventually formed into the "Rusty Barn Rock Blues" trio known as The Bleeding Feathers. Through experiences and adventures, he has met many amazing people along the way, including the members of The Bleeding Feathers. In addition to playing guitar, singing, and songwriting Taylor also plays bass, drums, harmonica, and piano. Born and bred in Northeastern Ohio, rust and blues are a part of Taylor and truly helped define his sound.


     In 2013, The Bleeding Feathers went on hiatus leaving the band members to pursue personal adventures. Taylor, feeling very lost, formed an acoustic duo "The Fleecers" with fellow TBF member, Austin Glosik. The Fleecers, being short lived, Taylor began to work on something bigger. . . 2 brand new full length albums. The first entitled "Where Hate & Ash Bury" was released on June 5th, 2015. It showcases ten original songs written and produced by Taylor. In addition to Taylor playing 8 instruments on "Where Hate & Ash Bury", it features 7 of his friends throughout the album. The release of album became the reason for the subsequent tour which began in April of 2015.


     Taylor is also a member of friend Johnny G's band, where he plays electric and acoustic guitar. This is where Taylor first met Brant Novak, a towering hulk of bad ass bass mastery. Brant is no stranger to the music scene in any part of the country and has been a road warrior for as long as he can remember. Taylor knew immediately that they would become friends and band mates. 


     Wandering around the music scene you'll meet many amazing people. . . Taylor met Jacob Price, a quick witted, whiskey drinking, sound engineer. Jacob earned his stripes by being one of the best and notable sound engineers in the Northeastern Ohio area. Taylor and Jake quickly became friends and have worked together frequently since. In the early months of 2015 Taylor, Jake, and Brant started jamming, eventually joined forces and began promoting the "Where Hate & Ash Bury" tour. 


     Most recently, Taylor released “Friends of Friends” his idea of a modern alternative-folk-rock album. Shortly after the release, Taylor began playing with Dominic Van Divner on bass and Brant Novak on drums. He also planned a tour to promote his two new albums and considering he had no reliable drummer or bassist, Taylor decided to dust off his acoustic guitar and hit the road. He's got a few friends that sit in and fill out the rest of the band. Taylor is currently planning the recording of a his 4th album and a tour that doesn't stop. See you there!



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