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Take to the Sky

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Take to the Sky was formed in early 2013 by Chris Jolevski and Blake Ryan Swinford in Cincinnati Ohio. The two shared similar interests and influences such as blink-182, A Day To Remember, New Found Glory and All Time Low. With a strong Pop punk background, the two have fused their ideas and individual playing styles to create Pop punk that specializes in melodic leads backed by catchy rhythms and high energy drums create a sound unmatched by most independent artists.

Take to the Sky has just released their first EP titled "Can we live again?" which was produced by Jake Nolan from the national band The Paramedic. The bands successful release of their EP has lead to national attention from various venues, tours, online radio stations, magazines and endorsements and has also landed a spot for the band as being ranked #1 locally, as well as consistently within top 20 nationally in the United States for punk music according to

  The debut single titled, "Hello Dear" has put Take to the Sky on top of the pop punk scene locally and helped lead some of the larger venues in Cincinnati. "Hello Dear is just one of those songs that every teenager has related to, or will relate to at some point in their life", says Chris, "I think part of the reason for the songs success has been the fact that when you listen to it, it brings you back to a point in your life where you think to yourself,"Ive done all I could and its still wasn't enough,"which could be seen as a depressing statement about past failures or could be interpreted as a tool that helped you grow into who you are as a person now."
Take to the Sky is currently working on finishing and successfully releasing their debut album in early 2014 and is looking to start touring shortly after. The bands main goal with the album is to create something that not only can be related by the listeners, but will be used to inspire younger generations to follow their dreams despite whatever occurrences may come up to hold you back. Chris said, "If we can inspire just one musician, one writer, or one kid who is lost in the world to pursue what they love, then we have done our job."

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