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Stikyfüt is not your typical band. They’re 4 creative minds amped up to start a revolution. These cats live life day by day with hunger in their hearts and an attitude that is sure to please. Forget about the everyday stressors that cloud us from the ongoing thump of desire living in our chests. Stikyfüt writes music that you can relate to, music that is real - music that bleeds, laughs, and cries out to each and every soul, awakening the dreams that were once forgotten. This isn’t just a band; this is a family made of people just like you, built on the love and desire to live everyday as your last. When asked, they classify themselves as Schizo-Rock, showcasing inspiring lyrics and jamtastic tangents. Take from this what you may, but "ass kickery is inevitable." (Dwayne Hoover, Revue Magazine).

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