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Stars In Stereo

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L.A. based rockers Stars in Stereo are road ready and unstoppable as they launch into a summer of touring in anticipation of their self-titled debut release out later this year. With a mutual desire to compose anthems that were meant to bring people together. The band’s first single, The Broken, available at iTunes now seems almost prophetic in its call to arms for “the strange, the disarranged, the possessed, the second-guessed,” with its rallying cry, “The secrets have spoken/We are the broken.” “There are so many people with problems out there, and they all think that makes them strange, different or weird,” says Jordan. “What we saw was a common denominator… everyone is broken in their own way. Instead of seeing it as something isolating, or a reason to be put down, it unifies us with everyone else.” That theme rings through on other new songs from the band’s upcoming album, including All Together, Violence, At the Stroke of Midnight and Red-Eyed Romance. The album charts a journey of themes – a search for truth and meaning, the fragility of relationships, the pain hidden in growth and goodbyes, to just having a good time. For the members of Stars in Stereo, who have bonded together in music and life, it’s about many different things, from healing to just having fun. Guitarist Jordan McGraw and bassist Justin Siegel had already begun collaborating together when they joined with that group’s guitarist Ryan “Frogs” McCormack and drummer Drew Langan to form the seeds of Stars in Stereo. They began the search for a lead singer and were wowed by Portland native Bec Hollcraft, who came to them from a successful solo career. Working as a unit they have knack for writing great hooks. “This is one of those groups where everyone contributes something to every song,” says McGraw “If someone doesn’t like something, we’ll fix it until we all really believe in it. I don’t want to just sing from my perspective, but the whole band’s. We definitely all have an equal say in the finished product.” Adds Hollcraft “We want people to leave our shows feeling like they are a part of something they might not have been before they saw us. Something they can be proud to represent. We want them to leave exhausted, sweating, and ready for more... an army of the broken. ” --Says McGraw

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