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"I think I may have found the missing link between old school early 2000s indie melancholia and indie rock 2011 dance awesome. And that would be Starfox. This Cincinnati-based five piece band incorporates plaintive vocals, well-crafted guitar and bass lines and exciting drums into a melee of alternative rock that sounds fresh and new. Soaring from musical intricacy to acoustic accessibility, these boys put elements of almost garage-rock, fluid indie sensibilities, hints of dancey-synth and their own clever outlook into a blender and leave us with the finished, delicious product. Make sure you scoop up some to take home for later--Starfox will have two new, unreleased tracks available on Fountain Square during their performance! I know what I'm spending the money I won in that bet against Mark Twain on (told ya the world wouldn't end May 21, old friend. Not in Cincinnati, not anywhere! Ha!)."

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