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Split The Abyss

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Split The Abyss began in late 2007 with Woody Corsini and Max Kessler wanting to create a band that was like no other. Disappointed with the new rave of metal-core coming out into the scene left and right they decided to do something about it. It was a calculated risk but the genre of choice was Thrash metal, thrash wasn’t at the point it is now again but it was all for fun in the beginning. In 2008 is when things got serious, Max and Woody recruited Phil M on Guitars and Mark Greene on Bass into the band to fill the line-up and create songs that were as crushing as Sodom and slayer but had the technicality of Dream Theater and Rush. Finding their way was not easy under any circumstance. In the summer of 08 Max was accepted to Full Sail University to pursue his degree in Recording Arts and Phil leaving due to musical difference. This of course did not at all stop Mark and Woody from creating faster heavier and more technical songs. At this time Mark switched from bass to guitar to pick up the slack for the lost guitar player Phil and would able to write Max’s parts as well so he could teach them to him when he returned home on breaks from school and his eventual return back home to the band. In the later part of 09 Split The Abyss wanted to make some serious changes, their work ethic, and overall attitude towards the music. The songwriting had become more advanced and original. Phil had come back on bass this time, only to leave in a short matter of months. Plagued by misfortune the band decided to not crumble and give in but instead searched for someone who had a passion for the band to not only live but also thrive. Matt Keller was soon recruited and the band has begun rehearsal with the new line up.

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