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Snowball (of Camp David)

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Born in Toledo, Ohio in 1980, Snowball is of the first generation "born into" Hip Hop... as he grew up and gained the experiences and wisdom that comes with living did this art form.... and over the years a relationship developed.... a "mutual respect" if you will... from bumpin Fresh Prince and B.E.A.S.T.I.E. when he was a young man of 6 and 7 years old... up through his pre-teen and adolesence when his taste broadened to everythiing from alternative music styles and different bands of the day....classic rock-n-roll like the Beatles and Beach Boys.... even some Sinatra and Johnny Cash in the mix... of course the Soul and Funk era... James Brown and Pfunk ... spoken word like Rudy Ray Moore (DOLEMITE if ur slow).... and many other influences including East AND West coast Rap music alike.... he had an almost insatiable thirst to "listen" wanting more and more of the "vibe" he got from hearing good music... of all genres... but this drew him to the "independent" or underground scenes where he found so many hidden gem that exceeded far far beyond the "normal" rendundance of popular music.... so... many many years later... here we are.... all of these influences combined make up one hell of a unique MC.... a lyricist with a multi-faceted approach... he refuses to be lumped into a stereotypical "white rapper" category... even with his nickname... "snowball" he pokes fun at the absurdity in such prejudice... the name was actually given to him in his early adult years when he worked at various clubs and hotspots around Cincinnati as a bouncer and barback.... and it stuck...

In 2006... Snowball formed a collective with fellow MCs HMP and Chief Thunda... as well as a number of "non-rapping" members... and with no other venue for their rediculously witty lyrics... they began to perform at parties with their friend (and later official DJ) Slimm Pickenz....this soon exploded into a slew of cyphers and eventually led to the additon of rappers GDC and P.A.I.N.E. as well as Reec Gutta and Dok Strange...who moved up through the ranks to be vicous lyricists as well... at that point, the only thing left was to begin recording... and thats just what they did... all through 2007 they recorded dozens of songs... honing their craft and nurturing the incredible chemistry between them... January 11, 2008 CAMP DAVID ENT. released CYBERTRON.... a 22 track mixtape introducing them to the world... and have since continued to make a permanent mark on Cincinnati and the midwest... with incredibly witty lyrics along with natural charisma and comfort on stage... they have led countless crowds in their favorite "war chant" or "battle-cry" "ORLOFF".... so when you hear those words... you know a party is on its way....or a murder depending on the circumstance.... the crews main focus has alwasy been and will continue to be enjoying the love they all share for Hip Hop as an art form and a culture... not just music.....

so that brings us up to 2012 and SNOWBALL THE MIGHTY.... is still here and ready for whats comin... with the release of SNOWBALL: eARTh later this year things will definitely begin to accelerate... stay tuned and check back for exclusives releases and downloads!!! as always and as for the rest of the Camp as well... we love and appreciate all the support... we wouldn't be us without you! ORLOFF

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