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Snare & The Idiots

Snare & The Idiots are a Garage/Punk formed in Newport,Ky in 1983 By Steve "Snare",Donny "Tex" Watson & Dave Dunkum.Inspired by Anerican Garage and Protopunk bands:Stooges,MC5,NY Dolls,Heartbreakers,Dead Boys,Dictators and Britpunks:Sex Pistols,Damned as well as "classic" sounds of The Rolling Stones,Chuck Berry,Bo Diddley,Rockabilly & 60's Garage bands.Played first gigs just weeks after forming playing in Newport's rowdiest bars and steady gigs at the legendary Jockey Club and other clubs around the Cincinnati area as well as regional shows in Dayton,Cleveland,Lexington,Louisville,Pittsburg.Released "Recycled Garbage" EP in '85 Played on bills with:The Dickies,Vibrators,Toxic Reasons,Nine Pound Hammer and many others broke up after an ill-fated move to Boston.Reformed in 1986 and wrote some of our best known songs "Slam Bang" and "Warm-Up Band" in this period. 
Broke up in 1987 and reunited for pccasion shows in 1988,1992,1994,1995,2011.Playing dates in the Northwest Spring 2011 and releasing previously unreleased material on CD as "Perverse Chemistry".For more info check out Snare And The Idiots on Facebook.

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