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Sinful Crow

4 Cincinnati men have been found in a local garage(seemingly the victims of a mindless, uninspired music scene).Along with the men were found the remains of empty cases of Dos Equis beer and several "sandwich type baggies of unknown origin" and the words "Martha Stewart is my home-girl!" written apparently in what seems to be bar-b-q sauce across an interior wall. 
Preliminary reports state that the men were involved in a musical revolution. One witness stated "Hey man, you got a paper?" And when asked what her thoughts on the term 'Southern Grunge' were, replied "It's like, Lynyrd Skynyrd's bastard Black Sabbath baby!" 
A neighbor, visibly emotional, stated "Man, these guys have been around a long time and finally started doing something heartfelt and original,it's a shame it didn't happen a long time ago." 

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