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Silver was so inspired by music that, at the age of 11, he practically begged his parents for an acoustic "Silvertone" guitar that he found in a Sears catalog. After much prodding, Silver received his “dream” for his 12th birthday! He started playing and, being self-taught, he was determined to learn. By 15 he bought an electric guitar and amp and began playing and singing lead in local bands. As time went on, he matured, and so did his music. At one point he was with a group called "Threshold" a five-piece band that had some success in the local area. It was during this time period that Silver decided to take voice lessons from the Director of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra to increase his vocal range. As is par for the course, bands came and went and in between Silver began to do a solo acoustic act. Kind of going back to his "roots."

He formed a successful acoustic duo called "Silver & Woodstock" for about a ten-year stretch beginning in 2001. Silver again sang lead and played acoustic guitar, while Woodstock played bass and sang back-up harmony. During this period, Silver was also taking on gigs as a solo artist. Then came the fateful day in 2007 when Silver was struck on his Harley on the expressway. To give you an idea of the seriousness of his injuries, he was Air-Cared to Cincinnati General Hospital’s Trauma Unit. Needless to say, recovery took a long time but Silver continued to play during part of this period, even though he was on crutches. Injuries took their toll and Silver had to quit playing for the time being.

Seven years has come and gone and now Silver's back and ready to go. Again, he is returning to his "roots" and doing a solo act. He has played at enumerable venues throughout the tri-state and plans to do it again. Silver specialized in "Classic Rock." Elvis to Hootie and The Blowfish; The Lovin’ Spoonful to The Strawberry Alarm Clock; Tommy James and the Shondells to The Moody Blues. Watch for him in your neighborhood, he is coming on strong!

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