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Sharon Little

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Paper Doll, the second album by vocalist, songwriter and CBS recording artist Sharon Little, is the artist’s response to a pop culture mindset that seems to require female entertainers to adopt a particular look or behave outrageously in order to gain attention. Blazing her way on an accelerated career path – she went from waiting tables in a Philadelphia coffee shop straight to a debut album and a national tour with Robert Plant, Alison Krauss and T Bone Burnett – Sharon was exposed to many forces pulling at her, offering advice, direction, and often, confusion.

Paper Doll is Sharon’s manifesto that she be judged on what she offers through her music, and not by the outfits she wears or who she’s been dating. She delivers this message through songs that effortlessly fuse pop, rock, R&B, and even a taste of electronic music in a direct, emotionally potent style,

As Sharon explains, “It often seems that female artists have to look and act in a certain way in order to be successful – like they’re paper dolls and society or ‘the business’ just slaps these images on them. We have these young girls acting and dressing in a very overly-sexual way; like they’re grown women – is that their idea, or have they been told to look and act that way in order to sell themselves? Either way, it’s just sad. I thought we women were supposed to have made great strides in the past several decades. Spending ten minutes on a few popular websites makes me feel like we’ve only gone backward.”

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