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Seven Circle Sunrise

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Seven Circle Sunrise is not for the faint of heart or those who want a one-time, disposable listen. This is music with 
meaning, created from a deeply passionate place and profound experiences that are sometimes heartbreaking but 
lead to an uplifting resolve. And it rocks like an unbridled beast that just got stuck in the ass with a hot poker.

Seven Circle Sunrise is a band, but the 10 songs on its first album, BEAUTY IN BEING ALONE, are the product of 
Veno Xavier -- singer, guitarist, songwriter and visionary force. They tell the story of a hard and unsettled youth, 
marred by tragedy and abuse but also marked by familial devotion, sibling ties and a love of music that put a guitar 
in Xavier's hands and led him to vent his feelings through a potent, aggressive and dynamically charged songs that 
make the "angst" of other bands sound like inconsequential simpering. Xavier shares, "I've realized that many 
times in my life, if it wasn't for that guitar a gun would've easily taken its place. That's what this band is about. It's 
not about sex, drugs, hookers or blow. If you have had real problems other than breaking up with your girlfriend, 
than this music is for you. The one thing I am not is vapid."

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