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Secret Colours

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The British spelling utilized in Secret Colours' name should offer a hint that the Chicago quintet are invested in the Britpop squall of the '90s, but their acid-baked house of sound also bears the trippy architectural features of '60s Psychedelia. Secret Colours takes pride in both ends of their influential sonic spectrum, combining both bygone eras into a noddingly familiar but creatively unique pastiche. The band's new sophomore album, Peach, shimmers with vintage Dayglo phosphorescence but bristles with contemporary energy and passion, while their live presentation cranks up the intensity on all fronts. Britidelia, Newgaze, Rad Paisley … call it whatever you like. Secret Colours will answer the call. 

You'll Dig It If You Dig: Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols playing a rousing game of Spin the Lava Lamp. (Brian Baker)

"Blackbird (Only One)," a shambling Technicolor groove off the self-assured outfit's upcoming sophomore album, Peach (out May 28), morphs into a feedback-drenched bliss-out that sounds like it could have come straight out of Manchester. - Spin

Secret Colours are a young band from Chicago with a new record, Peach (coming out May 28), that should push them to the front line of this burgeoning psych revival. - Esquire

Secret Colours feed off of guitar rock and pop from decades past, ranging from Hendrix-era guitar noodling to bleary 90s UK bands like the Stone Roses, but with their new single they still cut a piece of gold that's something to be called their own. - Beats Per Minute

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